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Frame Grabber


Dual MIPI PMU Box & Dual Channel PCI Express Frame Grabber

Dual MIPI PMU Box & Dual Channel PCI Express Frame Grabber is a board that enables the MIPI packet data of 1.6Gbps MIPI 4-Lane Dual sensor to be transmitted from one board to the memory of the host while minimizing the load on the CPU. It connects with the Dual MIPI PMU Box that is used together to efficiently control the Dual Channel sensor and transmit data.


Dual channel MIPI 4-lane 1.6Gbps sensor can be processed through one board.

I2C, SPI, I/O Volt, Clock, Reset, and GPIO signals can be controlled for each sensor.

Receives the input of MIPI sensor and sends it to the frame grabber through the cable as MIPI Packet.

Major Features

○ Frame Grabber Link Interface Host Target I/O is interfaced to Bridge I/O and connected to host I/O Map are controllable.

It can control I2C, SPI, etc. at high speed because it can control with bidirectional transmission speed of 90Mbyte/s

Dual Channel MIPI Packet transmission: 800Mbyte / s transmission per channel

○ I/O line for dual sensor interface MIPI 1.6Gbps 1,2,4-lane reception, 8b9b decoding function and I2C, SPI, Clock, I/O Voltage control function for sensor control

and Reset, GPIO,etc supported

○ Easy to use It is easy to operate the whole system by implementing the function on one board.

○ 12 channel power and 8 channel GND switch function

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