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Frame Grabber


Dual MIPI PMU Box & Dual Channel PCI Express Frame Grabber

Dual MIPI PMU Box & Dual Channel PCI Express Frame Grabber는 1.6Gbps MIPI 4-Lane Dual sensor의 MIPI Packet 데이터를 한 보드에서 CPU의 로드를 최소한으로 하면서 호스트의 메모리로 전송 가능하도록 하는 보드이다. 같이 사용하는 Dual MIPI PMU Box와 연결하여 Dual Channel 센서를 효율적으로 제어하고 데이터를 전송할수 있도록 한다


Dual channel MIPI 4-lane 1.6Gbps sensor can be processed through one board.

I2C, SPI, I/O Volt, Clock, Reset, and GPIO signals can be controlled for each sensor.

Receives the input of MIPI sensor and sends it to the frame grabber through the cable as MIPI Packet.

Major Features

○ Frame Grabber Link Interface Host Target I/O is interfaced to Bridge I/O and connected to host I/O Map are controllable.

It can control I2C, SPI, etc. at high speed because it can control with bidirectional transmission speed of 90Mbyte/s

Dual Channel MIPI Packet transmission: 800Mbyte / s transmission per channel

○ I/O line for dual sensor interface MIPI 1.6Gbps 1,2,4-lane reception, 8b9b decoding function and I2C, SPI, Clock, I/O Voltage control function for sensor control

and Reset, GPIO,etc supported

○ Easy to use It is easy to operate the whole system by implementing the function on one board.

○ 12 channel power and 8 channel GND switch function

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