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ISP및 디바이스 프로그래머용 소켓 카다로그

Cable-adapters for in-system programming (ISP)
  • In-system programming adapters to be used with parallel
    device programmers

Adapters for parallel programming
Universal (1-to-1) adapters for parallel programming:
  • DIP-PLCC universal adapters

  • DIP-QFN, -MLF, -MLP, -CSP, WSON universal adapters

  • DIP-QFP universal adapters

  • DIP-SDIP universal adapters

  • DIP-SOIC, -SOP universal adapters

  • DIP-(T)SSOP universal adapters

  • DIP-TSOP, -VSOP universal adapters

Specialized adapters for parallel programming of:
  • Parallel EPROM, EEPROM, Flash memory devices

  • Serial Flash memory devices

  • NAND Flash memory devices

  • Programmable Logical Devices (PLD)

  • ARM microcontrollers

  • Cortex microcontrollers

  • 8051 microcontrollers

  • 80196 microcontrollers

  • PIC microcontrollers

  • AVR microcontrollers

  • MSP430 microcontrollers

  • HC S08 and HC S12 microcontrollers

  • ST7 and STM8 microcontrollers

  • Other microcontrollers