Dual Channel PCI Express Frame Grabber & MIPI 4-Lane Interface

PCI Express Frame Grabber (EVDC2EX8G2 V1.0)

-Automatic transfer of frame buffer area without CPU load

-64bit DMA transfer support

-Supports 2 channels of DMA channels and can be used    independently

-Simultaneous transmission of two 1.6Gbps MIPI 4-Lane sensor

  data with one dedicated cable

-Separate 90Mbyte / s bidirectional control communication for

  sensor control

-High speed transmission of SPI, I2C,etc data, MIPI CSI-2, DSI

 Packet reception / inspection

-Can receive camera of MIPI CSI-2 Type for transmitted MIPI


-DSI Packet Processing and Display MIPI Packet Reception

-Error detection such as ECC and CRC during reception

MIPI 4-Lane Interface (EVMIPIC2L4G16 V1.0)

MIPI 4-Lane Interface

-Controllable with bidirectional transmission rate of 90Mbyte / s

-can be processed at high speed of I2C, SPI, etc.

-800Mbyte / s transmission per channel and Dual Channel MIPI - Packet transmission

-can Receiving MIPI 1.6Gbps 1,2,4-Lane

-Can supports I2C, SPI, Clock, I / O Voltage control function and reset, GPIO, etc.

-Easy to operate the whole system by implementing functions on one board